Rental/lease of workers from Ukraine

Rental/lease of workers from Ukraine

Do you want to manage human resources of your company in a dynamic way? Do you want to adjust your demand for workers and related costs with periods of intensified workloads?

The lease of workers from Ukraine is an excellent idea for your business. Choose such a solution if you need greater flexibility and you want to rotate workers at your company in a controlled manner.

In worker lease, WorkPlus employs workers and delegates them to work at its customer’s company. The rental of temporary employees via WorkPlus (i.e. worker lease) also provides a number of additional benefits and will enable you to hire a worker at your company without establishing a direct legal relationship.

How is it possible? We handle all necessary formalities. See what you gain when cooperating with WorkPlus:

We are responsible not only for worker recruitment, but for handling all necessary formalities connected with employment for temporary work purposes, as well.

Thanks to such a form of employment, you may sign any number of limited period agreements and pay for sick leaves is paid by WorkPlus. Notice periods are shorter than in the case of traditional employment contracts and the employment agency also handles worker document archiving after the termination of cooperation.

We will create a special base of candidates for you which will be dedicated to a specific project. In addition, you can hire any number of workers via WorkPlus and you will receive only one invoice without need to make many transfers.

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